Rapid Course Creation - by RapidStartup.io

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This course will take you through the exact steps to set up an email-based course using Mailchimp. All you need is a paid Mailchimp account with access to the Automation feature (starts at $10 per month - cancel anytime).

Optional Additions: (all free!)

* Any Wordpress Site - looks more professional but you don't need it (free)

* A Gumroad Account - if you want to take payments and look super professional, but again, you don't need it (free)

* Twitter Account - social proof, social promotion and distribution, this is optional but some sort of social is recommended so you don't launch your course to crickets (free)

We'll show you a few powerful, yet simple hacks you can do to turn these email list software services into a self-paced, great experience for your students, and a fully-automated sales machine for you to create a passive income stream.

By signing up for this Rapid Course creation program, you get a $30 Mailchimp credit. That's your first 3 months free!


What's In The Course?

As "meta" as this sounds, this course will show you how to build a course by showing you how I built this course to show you how to build a...well, you get the picture:

*  5-part, detailed walkthrough email series

*  Self-paced - take as long as you need, or do it in a few hours!

*  Hi-res diagrams and detailed instructions

*  $30 Mailchimp credit (3 months worth when you sign up)

*  Bonus goal-setting workflow tips

*  Bonus social integration code (just copy and paste and you're set up)

* Super Bonus - How to set up payments so you can get paid for your course (a fully-tailored Gumroad walkthrough)

* Super Bonus - Integration hacks so you can create your course and let the power of the cloud sort out everything else including fulfillment and course delivery (exact steps to set up a Zapier cloud automation)

*  No coding required!

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You'll Get a 5 Step Program that will show you the exact steps to build your own online, self-paced, fully-automated, email course


Rapid Course Creation - by RapidStartup.io

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I want this!